Different isn’t always better, but better will always be different.

Highly specialized advice for the successful, modern-day business owner.

Harness the Power of a Family Office

You work hard for your money. Your team of professionals should work hard for you.

As a family office, we provide comprehensive planning for your business, taxes, estate, wealth, and risk management all under one roof. We are a one-stop shop for the busy entrepreneur.

Our team consists of wealth planners, CPAs, attorneys, and other tax planning specialists who all work together with one goal in mind: Providing our successful business owner clients the best-in-class comprehensive planning.

Having all of your professionals working on the same side of the table not only simplifies your financial life but allows us to bring you much more proactive and holistic advice. 

Other wealth advisors pay lip service to holistic planning. We live it. 

Combining advisory services and proactive planning with a Virtual Family Office experience.

We recognize that our best clients want PROACTIVE and HOLISTIC planning.

That is why at Wealth Innovation Group we have upgraded to a 21st century business model based on forward thinking advice and supported by a Virtual Family Office of experts.

Team Based Model
    Understand & prioritize needs Address biggest problems Achieve most important goals
Proactive Planning Team” combined with “Virtual Family Office Experience

Meet Our Team

Investment Research Team

Your investment research headquarters dedicated to providing market insights, data analytics and quantitative portfolio management.

Proactive Planning Team

Your local “eyes and ears” to help you focus on planning priorities and identify opportunities.

Virtual Family Office

Your national experts that provide the “best of the best” in tax planning, legal, risk mitigation, wealth management, and business advisory services.