Proactive Planning Process

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When it comes to your wealth plan, we begin with the end in mind.

Our in-depth planning process is designed to look at every critical aspect of your business, taxes, and retirement. By working together as a team and combining various experts and specialists, we can build you a truly comprehensive and holistic plan.

Stage 1 - Information Gathering & Identifying Needs
  1. Assets
  2. Income
  3. Liabilities
  4. Most importantly your goals & objectives

Stage 2 - Tax Planning & Implementation
  1. Based on your goals, we will educate you on appropriate tax strategies
  2. Run projections and simulations for different options
  3. Help you decide on a course of action
  4. Implement applicable strategies

Stage 3 - Risk Mitigation & Cash Flow Analysis
  1. Help you determine which risks could significantly impact you or your business
  2. Review Risk Reduction Strategies with you
  3. Execute your Risk Mitigation plan in the most cost-effective manner possible 

Stage 4 - Wealth Building Roadmap
  1. Discover if you are on track to meet your most important long-term financial objectives
  2. Assess your current strategy and measure if your current investments are in line with your financial goals and plan
  3. Evaluate if your assets are properly diversified
  4. Make adjustments to ensure savings and investments are in line with long term goals. Implement both growth and principal protection measures

Stage 5 - Estate Plan Integration
  1. Review your current estate plan and your legacy goals
  2. Educate you on estate planning options to minimize estate taxes or expenses and integrate your estate plan with other financial planning, retirement and legacy goals
  3. Work with our estate planning specialists to implement your estate plan from A to Z

Stage 6 - Business Advisory
  1. Uncover your biggest business challenges
  2. Create a business exit plan or improve upon your current plan
  3. Maximize business value and growth with company leadership/culture training, employee retention, cost reduction, automation, CFO services, and more

Stage 7 - Review, Monitor and Maintain
  1. Connect your accounts to our planning software for continual monitoring
  2. Establish a cadence for reviews and updates
  3. Make adjustments to your plan as you continue to go through life changes: tax situation, income needs, goals, liquidation events, health status, etc.

Everything you need to plan for your business, taxes, wealth, legal, and risk mitigation.